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Video guide: Spiritual Conversation

by | 25 May 2020 | Blog, Videos

„… we are each a little word of God and together we will spell out something great…
(Elizabeth Johnson paraphrasing some of the work of Karl Rahner)

Spiritual Conversation is a new approach for deciding and being together as diverse group. A useful method of making difficult decisions with the Holy Spirit who, as we believe, is working in the world. Fr. John Dardis, S.J., the General Counsellor for Discernment and Apostolic Planning of the Society of Jesus, is explaining step-by-step the process of welcoming God to these difficult decisions, as well as to daily community and work life. Learn how prayer, active listening and group sharing can improve quality of management and decision making.


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Fr. John Dardis, S.J.

Fr. John Dardis, S.J.

General Counsellor for Discernment and Apostolic Planning and Director of Communications in the General Curia of the Society of Jesus in Rome.

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