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Serving and Leading – Formation for Leaders in Rome

by | 22 July 2023 | Blog, Testimony

During the months of June and July, the first module of the Roman Discerning Leadership Program was held in Italian, English and Spanish. It is already the 5th edition of the program for leaders of religious congregations and Vatican Dicasteries organized in Rome.

This year, a total of 65 leaders from 28 countries are taking part of the formation, including 11 Superior Generals and 41 General Councilors of religious orders, 9 Vatican officials.

The first week focused on the personal dimensions of leadership: increasing the self-awareness and expanding the range of tools for better leading teams and organizations in the complex and changing times in the world and in the church. Deepening on the personal dimensions as a leader enables us to better respond to the needs of our world.

These initial addresses of the courses were followed by presentations on Synodality and Leadership by H.E. Msgr. Edgar Peña Parra, Substitute of the Secretariat of State (for the Spanish Program), Sr. Nathalie Becquart XMCJ, undersecretary of the General Secretariat of the Synod (for the English Program), and Prof. Paolo Foglizzo, consultant for the Secretariat of the Synod (for the Italian Program). In their Speeches, Msgr. Edgar Peña, Sr. Nathalie Becquart, and Prof. Paolo Foglizzo shared their knowledge and experiences on the leadership that is required for leading in a Synodal manner.

You can find here a more detailed description of the address of H.E. Msgr. Edgar Peña Parra, Substitute of the Secretariat of State, to the Spanish cohort of participants, published on Vatican News.

In addition to the Discerning Leadership Team Members: Fr. David McCallum, Ms. Sandra Chaoul, and Mr. Pablo Bernal, the formation counted with excellent professors as Prof. Jeanine Turner (Georgetown University), Prof. Josep M. Lozano, Prof. Carlos Losada, Prof. Sira Abenoza, Prof. (ESADE), Fr. Francisco José Ruiz SJ (Deusto), Fr. Mark Ravizza SJ (Delegate for Formation at the Society of Jesus), Prof. Carlos Muñoz (The Way Over), and Prof. Maria Grazia Magazzino (e3doing).

The richness of the inputs, the diversity of the group, the spaces for personal reflection and group sharing, and the energy and engagement of the participants in the residential format, have provided a learning and transformative experience in the participants both at the personal and the communitarian level.

You can find below some testimonies shared by participants at the end of the 1st module:

“Si apre un cammino e una luce per il futuro più chiara e di speranza”

“Espandere. La Grazia di Dio che mi chiama a crescere, la mia vita, il mio cuore.”

“I am grateful for the connectedness with each other, and to be more connected to the purpose of this service. And to have the courage, also in uncertainty, to discern.”

“I am grateful to God for the inner freedom to be myself, and to an enhanced sense of responsibility in my service”

“I loved the space, and that it is a very evident God space. There is no situation, no event that Grace can’t reach.”

“Me ha dado tantas herramientas para hacer el bien allí donde estemos, ha sido un regalo.”

“Me siento renovada en mi vida y en mi servicio. La lengua no ha sido una barrera porque compartimos el Espíritu Santo.”

Discerning Leadership Team

Discerning Leadership Team

We're passionate about developing the attitudes, skills, and knowledge of the senior Church leaders required to lead in a synodal manner.

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