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Initiating Our Online Training Journey: A Promising Kickoff

by | 13 February 2024 | Blog

The first week of our international online course has swiftly passed, marking an exciting start to our collective journey!

Commencing on February 7, approximately 200 Superiors General and Council members representing women’s and men’s religious congregations worldwide convened virtually to delve into a transformative voyage of learning and discovery. Facilitated in collaboration with the UISG and USG, this course is centered on cultivating leadership for a synodal church. It offers targeted training sessions aimed at equipping participants with essential management tools and practices to enhance their teams and organizations. Moreover, the course provides a platform for sharing experiences and reflections, fostering invaluable insights into their managerial roles.

With a diverse array of participants hailing predominantly from Asia and Africa, our discussions have been enriched by the unique perspectives shaped by their respective cultural contexts. This diversity has sparked dynamic exchanges, broadening horizons and deepening understanding among peers.

As we journey through the remainder of the month, we remain committed to harnessing the wisdom of our esteemed trainers and the collective experiences of our dedicated learners. Through collaborative learning activities and interactive lessons, we aim to continue fostering a spirit of synodality and nurturing a shared commitment to effecting positive change through discernment.

Here’s to the promising path that lies ahead, filled with fruitful learning experiences and rewarding insights!

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Sofia Camaglia

Sofia Camaglia

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