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At the Close of the International Online Course

by | 10 March 2024 | Blog

As we bring our journey of exploration, deepening, and collaboration to a close, we do so with great joy and gratitude for our international online course on discerning leadership for a synodal Church.

Over 4 weeks and 12 days of intensive formation, participants from diverse backgrounds and corners of the globe engaged in a transformative experience that has left a profound and lasting impact on both their professional and personal lives.

Within a dynamic learning environment that blended theoretical insights with practical applications, delivered in five different languages – English, Chinese, Indonesian, Korean, and Vietnamese – over 250 superior generals and general counsellors earned their certificates.

Participants expressed deep appreciation for the rich and comprehensive content presented throughout the course, highlighting the seamless integration of diverse elements.

Key themes that resonated strongly included the importance of leader self-awareness, discernment rooted in spirituality, intentional listening and effective communication in interpersonal relationships, as well as navigating intercultural dynamics and conflict styles, and the crucial role of vulnerability and courage in leadership.

Additionally, participants lauded the modelling and guidance provided by our presenters, facilitators, and interpreters, who worked tirelessly as a cohesive team with a singular purpose: to support church leaders in their personal and professional development.

Emphasis was given to small group work as a modality for learning and cooperation. Participants were organized into groups where they engaged in deep discussions, shared personal experiences, and collaborated on practical activities. This approach not only fostered stronger connections among them but also created a supportive environment for peer learning and mutual empowerment.

“I was struck by the common problems in the congregations represented in our small groups”

“It was a time of real introspection as a person and as a team and the congregation members”

“It was a wonderful way of learning together. The team is a real inspiration on how the leadership would work. I enjoyed it and felt that God had been walking all along with us”

“There is a shifting within myself, especially in my inner disposition. Leadership ministry is a gift from God that I would embrace”

As we bid farewell to our international online course, we do so with a profound sense of fulfilment. The journey we embarked on together has been rich, leaving a mark on both the participants and our collective understanding of transformative leadership.

By cherishing the valuable lessons learned and bonds forged, let us serve as agents of positive change, working towards building the capacity for senior Church leaders in the path to synodality.

Sofia Camaglia

Sofia Camaglia

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