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The Discerning Leadership Program also speaks Italian

by | 19 October 2022 | Blog, Videos

In addition to the formation courses in English and Spanish that has held for 3rd year, the Discerning Leadership Program has offered, for the first year, the formation in Italian in order to better respond to Vatican Officials and other Church Managers in Rome.

Also, with the aim to offer a richer and deeper learning experience, the formation has been offered for the first time in a residential format, in which participants and faculty lived together for the 8 days of the formation (divided in 2 modules).

A total of 57 participants, from 20 different nationalities, have been present in the three programs. They are currently serving in leading roles in different Congregations in the Vatican Curia, Religious Orders/Congregations, and other Church organizations and institutions.

These initial addresses of the courses were followed by presentations on Synodality and Leadership by Sr. Nathalie Becquart XMCJ (for the English Program), Bishop Luis Marín de San Martín (for the Spanish Program), the two Sub-Secretaries of the Synod of the Bishops, and Paolo Foglizzo (for the Italian Program) as Consultant for the Secretariat of the Synod. In their Speeches, Sr. Nathalie, Mons. Luis, and Mr. Paolo shared their knowledge and experiences on the leadership that is required for leading in a Synodal manner.

After the initial framework on Leading in Synodality, on module 1, the rest of the topics deepened on the question in the intrapersonal dimension of the leader, and on module 2 focusing on the interpersonal dimension.

In addition to the Discerning Leadership Team Members: Fr. David McCallum, Ms. Sandra Chaoul, and Mr. Pablo Bernal, the formation counted with excellent professors as Prof. Jeanine Turner (Georgetown University), Fr. Jim Grummer SJ (Gregorian University), Prof. Josep M. Lozano, Prof. Carlos Losada, Prof. Sira Abenoza, Prof. Ramon Garcia and Prof. Esteban Mogas (ESADE), Fr. Francisco José Ruiz SJ (Deusto), Fr. Mark Ravizza SJ (Delegate for Formation at the Society of Jesus), Sr. Pat Murray IBVM (UISG Secretary General), Prof. Carlos Muñoz (The Way Over), and Prof. Maria Grazia Magazzino (e3doing).

The richness of the inputs, the diversity of the group, the spaces for personal reflection and group sharing, and the energy and engagement of the participants in the residential format, have provided a learning and transformative experience in the participants both at the personal and the communitarian level. Most members have expressed it as a “Synodal experience”.

Video of Testimonies from 2021.

Discerning Leadership Team

Discerning Leadership Team

We're passionate about developing the attitudes, skills, and knowledge of the senior Church leaders required to lead in a synodal manner.

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