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Updates and Alumni Gathering

Just a few weeks ago, the Discerning Leadership Team and Faculty wrapped up their residential formation programs for another year. This year, an italian-speaking cohort joined the English and Spanish groups bringing our alumni to just about 200. As a way to end the...

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Series on Trust

To create a Culture of Trust in our teams and organizations makes a huge difference in the well-being of the people involved, their collaboration, and their productivity. This capacity is particularly important in a time when change and adaptations are the new...

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The Discerning Leadership Program also speaks Italian

In addition to the formation courses in English and Spanish that has held for 3rd year, the Discerning Leadership Program has offered, for the first year, the formation in Italian in order to better respond to Vatican Officials and other Church Managers in Rome....

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Welcome to the Discerning Leadership Program

The purpose of the Program for Discerning Leadership is to build the capacity of senior Church leaders, including officials in Vatican Dicasteries, General Superiors of religious orders, bishops, and lay leaders, for this mission of discernment, reform, and renewal.

Founders and partners

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