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Discerning Leadership for Organization Renewal – Formation for Teams and Councils

17-21 April, 2023
(Expected arrival on Monday afternoon and departures on Friday evening)

Cost: 1.750€ per person
For groups (5 or more), or Applications before November 30th: 1.600€ per person

Application link: https://forms.gle/tn3E8bBWzctHTS929
Applications close on February 15th, 2023

Language: English
For this first version, the content will be offered only in English. Accompaniment to the groups by consultants will also be available in Spanish.

In order to continue enhancing our service to senior Church leaders, the Discerning Leadership Program offers a 3rd module focusing on the leadership of organizations and systems.
The 3rd module program aims to support participants in fostering Discerning Leadership for effective organizational performance, change and regeneration. It will provide a prayerful and reflective space that gives participants new ways of seeing and allows them to engage practically with their organizational challenges and opportunities (understanding the nature of leading systems, leading change in a mission-driven way…).

A team of facilitators and consultants will be accompanying participants and small groups throughout the formation using best practices from relevant fields.

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